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Sudanese Bubba founder Ms. Salma EL-Sheikh has worked as managing and leading tours throughout Nubia for six years.

Sudanese Bubba for travel & tours is fully registered and had licensed by the Sudanese ministry of Antique, tourism, and wildlife was born on September 16th, 2021 with full experience managing tours.

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Khartoum University Faculty of Technological and Developmental Studies English language.


6 years managing and operating tours.


Salma is a wonderful guide to the mysteries and beauties of Sudan. I went on a four-day tour with her in February 2021. She took care of our every need and arranged the logistics of the trip extremely well, even improvising transportation for us under unexpected circumstances. We learned so much and enjoyed ourselves greatly. I highly recommend Salma and Sudanese Bubba for your next trip to Sudan!
Romy Backus
Sudan is a very rich country. Rich in history, rich in temples and pyramids. Rich in rolling desert scenery, rich in stoneage-engravings, rich in river Niles splendor waters Rich in colourful market places, rich in traditional ceremonies. Rich in friendly and open-hearted people, wherever you go. Their smile and their way of welcome is the richest treasure of all.
Henry Jedelsky
Austrian travel journalist
I was absolutely fascinated by Sudan and the Sudanese people. A jewel in Africa that is still unspoilt by tourism and has so much to offer: first of all the super friendly people. It was so easy to get in touch with the local people that were friendly, curious, smiling, without any problems. Our local guide Salma did everything to make our trip pleasant and full of discoveries of past and present Sudan, very knowledgeable, friendly and always supporting. And the country- I loved the historic sites, the desert, the villages, the donkey-driven well, the boat trips on the nile, visiting a school, strolling through the bazaars, having a tea in a laid back local coffeeshop, so much to experience. As ambitious photographer I was surprised about the openness of many people allowing me to take pictures. Super memories of a phantastic country.
Corinna Freund
Tourist from Germany

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