About Us

Who we are?

Sudanese Bubba for travel & tours is fully registered and licensed by the Sudanese Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities, and Wildlife. It was born on September 16th, 2021 with a team that is fully experienced in managing tours around the country.
The name of Sudanese bubba comes from our Sudanese jewelry (Gamar Bubba) Moon–shaped golden earring (Gamar Boba). Kind of earrings women use to wear at the ancient time until this moment.

More About Sudan

Our Vision

At Sudanese Bubba, our vision is to highlight the tourism of Sudan all over the world. Sudan is a rich African country in terms of environments, wildlife, antiquities, and cultural diversity

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce Sudanese ancient and modern cultures all over the world and let people know about Sudan and generous of Sudanese people.

Our Goals

Professional Tourist Guides

Lead by Ms. Salma EL-Sheikh who has six years plus experience.

City Tours Package

We deliver the best service in a affordable price for everyone.

Well Provided Transportation

We make sure that you are provided with cars and camps.

2000+ Customers

We will do our best to make you tour an amazing experience.

Our Professional Team

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Ms. Salma EL-Sheikh

Founder & General Manager

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Dr. Abdelsalam

Tour Guide

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Dr.Mohamed Basheir

Khartoum University Tour Guide

Dr.Mohamed Hayati

Khartoum University Tour Guide

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