12 Days Program

Destination Details

Depart overseas and late arrival to Khartoum International airport, meet our representative employee and transfer to your hotel Khartoum Plaza 3 stars hotel.
“You can choose any hotel instead of Khartoum Plaza if you want.”

The part of Khartoum city tour including a visit to:  

 Sudan National museum which contains different objects dedicated to Nubian history in addition to the beautiful temples saved by UNESCO from Lake Nassir and rebuilt inside the museum.

 Ethnographic museum to see the variation of the tribal community of Sudan and style of life.

 Palace museum located in a beautiful disused Anglican church, the museum recounts, with strong illustrations, portraits and comments, the road travelled by the Sudan from foreign invasions and the struggle for independence to the present. A lot of space is devoted to the objects relating to the supreme function, especially the gifts offered to the various presidents. The museum also exhibits a small collection of presidential cars, especially Rolls, used on major occasions such as reception of foreign heads of state or national festivals.     

Kitchener boat: General Kitchener’s boat “the Melik”,Circa 19th century, And now, (Is beached on the grounds of the Blue Nile Sailing Club)

Visit confluence of two Niles (Blue & White Nile).

Visit Tuti Island if you have time to enjoy drinking tea with peppermint or coffee with ginger. 

You will stop to enjoy your lunch after that proceed your Omdurman city tour part including:

Khalifa’s house museum.

Mehdi tomb.

The old Suq (market) of Omdurman.

Hamed Al-Nil the dancing and chanting dervishes only on Friday. 

Or the traditional Nuba wrestling only on Friday. So on Friday you should chose only one event because Nuba wrestling on the Eastern edge of Khartoum, and Hamed Al-Nil on the Western edge of Khartoum.

 At evening return to hotel

After breakfast at the hotel, we begin the journey heading to the north crossing the western desert to go to Soleb passing by new Dongola. At Soleb the highest point in our trip north Khartoum we visit the most beautiful Egyptian built by Amenophis the third father of Amenophis the fourth which is famous with the name of Ikhnaton. The temple was built for the god Amon and for the pharaoh himself considered as a God. Overnight in Soleb at Nubian traditional house. (There is no availability of a hotel in Soleb and this is for your kind information.)

Driving back to Kerma we stop at Tumbus near the Nile and far about 40km from Kerma where we see the landmark left by Titmosis indicating the area as southern border for his empire then we see some other graffiti on the rocks along the Nile late afternoon we arrived Kerma the location of the oldest civilization south Sahara there we see the charming Deffufa of Kerma and the nice museum of Kerma. Overnight at Al-Deffufa Resort.

Today is a long day full of interesting stops. Early in the morning, we depart through the Nubian desert going to Karima. On the way to our destination, we stop to visit the archaeological site of Old Dongola where Christian Coptic temples with marble columns as well as several churches are located on the bank of the Nile. Later arrived Karima and visited Barkal the holy mountain and it is a temple dedicated to pharaohs of the twenty-fifth dynasty and their scissors were used to do official crowning for themselves. Overnight in Karima at Nubian traditional house. (There is an available hotel in Karima if you want instead of a Nubian traditional house.

Early morning, we visit El-Kurru the royal necropolis of Napata the capital of the Kushite kingdom we visit the tombs which are excavated in the rock under the pyramids some of these tombs are totally decorated with images of pharaohs, of the Gods and multicolor hieroglyphic inscription. Then we cross the Nile to visit the royal necropolis of Nurri which was built by the great king Taharqa the one who has the biggest pyramid in Nubia. Later we stop at the monastery of Ghazali from the Makuria Christian kingdom period on our way to Meroe. Overnight at the hotel.

Today we visit the two beautiful sites in the heart of desert Naqa and the other is Mussawarat.

Naqa is located about 90km south of Meroe and 30km east of the Nile. The site surrounded by a nice land scape and dedicated mainly to Meroe period there we see two temples one dedicated the local God Apedemak with lion head, the other dedicated the God Amun and the roman kiosk dated to the first scenery AD. The site is a masterpiece that shows the African identity of this civilization besides the ritual life of the royals and the noblemen through the interesting bas relief. Not far from Naqa we go to Mussawarat to visit another temple for the lion God built by the first king buried at Meroe royal necropolis 270 B.C. beside the visit of the great enclosure which is a complex of temples and it was the biggest construction in the history of Nubia. Back to Meroe and overnight near the pyramids. camping.

This morning we leave Meroe heading north up to Damar to see the colorful market then we reach Atbara the crossing point for the trains coming from Khartoum going north or heading to Port Sudan. we reach Portsudan on the red sea and overnight in 3starts hotel.

Today on our way to Kassala we stop firstly at Sawakin which was the port of Sudan during the Turkish and English period we see the gate of Gordon the English general headed by the flowers of El-Mahdi andthe gate of Kitchener the English general who re occupied Sudan. We have a tour different part of the ruins of Sawakin island. Later we stop again at Arkawet to have another tour to see the tomb of Osman Digna the famous general in the Mahdi army many touristic resorts in Arkawet then we visit one of the Gorani schools in the area. We reach Kassala and we overnight at hotel.

This morning we explore Kassala to see the different tribes like Bija and Rashaida visiting the interesting market of the town and having coffee with locals. We visit also sofi tomb which was leader of Khatmia tariqa in Sudan. Overnight in hotel.

Early morning, we start our trip coming back to Khartoum through the Butana area and we reach Khartoum late afternoon. Overnight in hotel.

Depart in at early morning.

Our Services

1/ Sending invitation letters to Sudanese embassies all over the world to get your visa.

2/ Processing entry permits and arranging visas on arrival

3/ Welcoming guests and meeting you at the airport.

4/ Transfer from the airport to the hotel of your choice 2 overnight and one-day use (included only when arriving and departing on tour dates – quoted extra when arriving outside those dates).

5/ Drop from hotel to airport.

6/ Making reservations for hotels and stays in Nubian houses.

7/ All camping equipment for overnight camping.

8/ Transport with Toyota Land Cruisers with air-conditioning (4 pax per car) or Toyota Hilux with air-conditioning (3 pax per car) outside Khartoum. Mini-bus in Khartoum for a city tour with air-conditioning.

9/ Meals in Khartoum based on B.B (Bed and Breakfast only). Outside Khartoum, meals are full board. (Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner) with fruit, soft drinks, and hot drinks.

10/ Mineral water on tour.

11/ In addition to package tours, we also include the handling of adventure trips, desert safaris, camel riding trips, bird watching, and private trips.

12/ Excellent English-speaking guides

13/ Special guides who speak different languages, including French, Italian, and Russian

14/ Staff with a vast range of experience for your tour.

15/All fees for archeological sites and museums.

16/ Special Sudanese coffee served on arrival, at our office, or outside.

17/ Storytelling about our traditions and customs during the tour.

18/ Passport registration.

19/ Nile cruise.

20/ Foreigners Permit from the tourism police for your movement outside Khartoum.

Not Included:

  • International flight tickets.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Gratuity (tipping your desert trip crew).

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